Episode 168: I Need This Choir with Nathan Connell and the Glacier High School Concert Choir

I am excited to bring back the “Student Perspectives” category on the Podcast this week with the Glacier High School Concert Choir. Beth and I traveled from KC almost to literal Canada to Kalispell, MT to visit Nathan Connell and his Concert Choir for their Fall Retreat.

How can teachers make their space safe for singing? What do our groups mean to kids? Is it possible that we don’t always truly know the impact we have, and the impact our groups have on students? I believe that at times, kids will wait to be invited to say how they really feel. So, I invited them.

For close to 24 hours solid, I worked on group rehearsal techniques and literacy concepts, while Beth gave small group vocal instruction. We also spent time interpreting music, group building and of course, philosophizing about Choral Music. This small portion was recorded to give you a sense of the way young people can process these types of important questions. If you would like to have Choralosophy come to your classroom contact me via this form.

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Learn more about Nathan and the Wolfpack Choir here.

Glacier High School Choirs in Kalispell, Montana, is made up of 5 curricular choirs and 2 extracurricular choirs, including 150 students in 9th-12th grades. Nathan Connell is in his 5th year of serving as the director at GHS. Nathan double majored in percussion performance and vocal education at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky. Nathan serves as the HS Repertoire and Resource chair for the NW ACDA region. He loves connecting kids with current composers and hosts an annual composer festival bringing Montana students together to work with composers like Jake Runestad, Ryan Main, Ethan Sperry, and more. As a percussionist, Nathan performs regularly in the Glacier Symphony percussion section, and has performed and taught with the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps from Denver, Colorado.

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