Episode 169: Have You Ever Met a Biracial Choir Unicorn? with Kelsey Burkett

Well, now I have! And so can you. In this conversation, I welcome Kelsey Burkett to discuss the magical, mystical world in which she teaches choir. I was floored to hear about the way her district structures their choral program! We also discuss personal identity, and our thoughts about the ways we can move our inclusion conversations in education forward to a place of greater empathy, understanding and progress. We also discussed the ways in which racial bias can manifest in school systems and much more. Kelsey is very open about her own “identity crisis” as a biracial woman and how that identity has evolved over time. I believe it is this very identity journey that equips Kelsey to approach this issue with compassion for others. Tune in for this conversation with a colleague I think we should all get to know.

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