Episode 167: Compose Like a Girl with Jocelyn Hagen

Often times, the most confident and assertive person you will ever meet is an 8 or 9 year old girl. Then, somewhere along the way society teaches her that “like a girl” is not a compliment. For a discussion about this in the world of composition, I am joined this week by prolific composer, publisher and performer Jocelyn Hagen. Our conversation centers around the concepts of feminism in choral music as well as in society at large. We spend a good amount of energy discussing the move from the second wave choral feminists who paved a lot ground for the women of today, as well as the need to build on what they achieved to move to an even better place. To move beyond equal access, and move toward authentic collaboration. We discussed “pretty privilege” as well as the ways women can reclaim the power of the “like a girl” expression.

“There was a period of about 15 years where no one was talking about it. Now we are just kind of done not talking about it.”

Jocelyn Hagen
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