Episode 166: A Day in the Life of a Choralosopher’s Rehearsal

Easily the most frequent request I get from the audience is for more teaching examples, rehearsal videos, samples, demonstrations etc. I have decided to stop dragging my feet about this and start creating more of this type of content. Due to the type of media it requires, I will be posting most of this on TikTok and Instagram. But in this episode, I have gathered some audio from some recent rehearsals of Lee’s Summit High School’s “Sounds of Summit” that I think might be a good representation of the rehearsal procedures that I have advocated over the last few years. You will hear my high school chamber choir rehearsing David Childs’ “Where Your Barefoot Walks” as well as “My Spirit is Uncaged” by Paul Rardin. Enjoy, and let me know if you have questions or curiosities about the process! Special thanks to our Staff Accompanist RuthAnn Wagoner for being ready to rock on this tough music! Also, please pardon all of my under the breath noises into the mic that I am horrified that you will hear. 🙂

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