Episode 165: What IS Choral Music?

In this episode I draw on a few sources, including audience comments to present an advocacy conversation. To make the case for Choral Music classrooms, infrastructure support, and educational priorities. You will see or hear a video I made all the way back in 2012 in response to the popular TV show “Glee,” as well as a video I made in late summer 2020 arguing that my choral classroom was an essential service to my students. You also hear portions of a livestream I did recently in the Choralosophers FB page as well as some audience thoughts about the question, “What IS Choral Music?”

From “So, You’re a Choir Teacher?”

“I may teach the broadest curriculum of any academic subject in school. We study languages, diction, history, music theory, cultural interactions and on and on…You can get a PhD in Choral Music. You can’t get a PhD in football.”

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The excerpted videos from the episode can be found below.

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