Episode 160: Practical Vocal Acoustics with Kenneth Bozeman

I am excited to welcome Kenneth Bozeman to the podcast this week to blow your minds! Ken is a voice teacher, author and prominent lecturer presenting all over the world to help teachers of singing understand the importance of the marriage between voice science and the emotive capabilities of the human voice. I have frequently participated in conversations where these two ideas are erroneously set apart from each other. For example, “what’s more important? Vocal technique OR emotional expression or performance?” To me, this has always been a strange question. It is through our understanding of how the voice works, and our ability to pass that along to our students that allows them to have access to the full range of emotional tools that their voice has to offer. In this conversation, Professor Bozeman lays out many useful scientific concepts, exercises and techniques to help us marry the soul to the body so to speak.

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Kenneth Bozeman, author of Practical Vocal Acoustics and Kinesthetic Voice Pedagogy, served as Professor of Music at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin for 42 years. He was awarded the Van Lawrence Fellowship by the Voice Foundation in 1994 and is on the editorial boards of the NATS Journal of Singing and the Voice Foundation’s Journal of Voice. He was twice a master teacher for the NATS Intern Program and was inducted into the American Academy of Teachers of Singing in 2019. He was honored to be a keynote speaker for the British Voice Association (2021) and the International Congress of Voice Teachers (2022). His work explores the internal acoustic landscape all voices inhabit, describes the inherent relationships of its components, and seeks ways to motivate efficient singing while respecting both physiologic and acoustic realities as well as effective historic pedagogy. He continues to work by mentoring teachers and young professional singers in acoustic pedagogy and presenting lectures and demonstrations for university voice departments and professional voice organizations.


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