Episode 143: Toward a Diversity of Diversities with Survey Results!

This episode is a pastiche of sorts from several sources. We will start with the introduction from my “Togetherness Activism” live presentation from Colorado in January. In that segment I tell the story of what I have learned about discourse and discussion from starting a show in which I put forward opinions in public for the last four years. Some of those experiences have been gratifying, frustrating, fun and stressful. But in all situations, I have learned SO MUCH, and have actually changed my opinion about many things. One of the things I have learned is how oversimple our understanding of each other can be do to online interactions. During this presentation, I launched a survey to the audience there in person which helped us explore the ways in which we may be diverse BEYOND what is visible. Over the next few weeks, I plugged the survey in choir director groups and got a nice sample of responses. I will discuss those responses here as well. This is a fun and varied discussion that I hope stimulates more discussion!

The problem with “photographic diversity” is that I could give a survey to a group of people who appear to be diverse, but their answers could all be the same. If that’s the case, we lose the studied and time tested value of diversity. When it’s time to have a meeting of the minds, we can’t.

Chris Munce

In some ways, I am thinking of this episode as an important “Where We Are Now” discussion for the beginning of year 5 of Choralosophy Podcasts. So, tune in chew on some ideas!

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