Revisiting the Anti-Fragile Choir: Resilient, Robust, Powerful with Eric Barnum

I was recently exploring the recent rise in the use of the word “trauma” to describe the events of our lives. From small inconveniences to major life events, it seems that we are quick to label them as traumatic experiences. However, is this overuse of the term causing us to overlook the true meaning of trauma and its impact on mental health?

In this podcast, we also delve into the concept of anti-fragility, introduced by Nassim Taleb in his book “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder.” This concept suggests that instead of striving for resilience, we should aim for anti-fragility, where we can thrive and benefit from chaos and uncertainty. How can this concept be applied to education, and how can it help students become more resilient and prepared for the challenges of the future? To do this, I have clipped out a fascinating conversation I had years ago with Eric Barnum about this topic.

Join us as we discuss these thought-provoking topics, and their related performing arts off shoots like performance anxiety and the pursuit of best practices. Resources mentioned:

Myths of Trauma by Joel Paris, 5 Myths of Trauma

Find the Original Episode with Eric here:

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