Episode 140: Balancing Individual Vocal Pedagogy in a Group Setting LIVE at CMEA

The beautiful challenge is that in vocal music ensemble instruction, every instrument is unique. So unique in fact that an instruction that helps one student sound better can make another sound worse. In the instrumental classroom there are MANY technical instructions that can be delivered in a way that applies to EVERY trombone or every drum in the
room. They may even be the same manufacturer! We don’t realistically have time in a choral rehearsal to give customized vocal instruction like a voice teacher can in a one on one setting. In this live presentation, turned podcast, Beth and I discuss and provide suggestions for balancing the need for a solid foundation in vocal pedagogy presented by choral directors to their students with the reality that their isn’t enough time in choir rehearsal to give fully individualized instruction. How can we focus on the universal aspects of singing, and speak in the most efficient and clear ways about the voice?

As always, when you see the LIVE logo, video is recommended. Patreon members are able to access all of my live presentation slides and resources.

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