Episode 139: Digging into National ACDA

Last week, I attended the first national gathering of the American Choral Directors since 2019. I had some incredible experiences, saw incredible choirs, heard wonderful and challenging thoughts presented in PD sessions. In this episode, I will recap my highlights, as well as presenting the highlights of some conference attendees that I interviewed during my takeover of the KI Concerts booth. And of course, as you would expect on the Choralosophy Podcast, I will philosophize a bit about the ideas that heard as well as the MANY conversations that I heard from “people on the street” during the convention. I asked them questions about their convention highlights as well as going back into their rehearsals inspired during a time when “burnout” is high.

You will also hear me reflect on the roll this show serves in the landscape of choral thought development and practices based on these conversations in person with listeners. It was a fantastic convention, and I am excited to share thoughts with you from many colleagues that you won’t hear anywhere else. Special thanks to Connor Doran, Maria Ellis, Johnny Edwards, Raymund Ocampo, Chris Brush, Alan Denney and Jeff Moshur for being brave and sitting down in the hot seat!

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