Episode 150: Choir After the Pandemic with Emmy Burch and Chris Munce DURING the Pandemic

Now that the pandemic is officially over, I thought it would be a good time to release this audio I captured back in April of 2021. About 30 of us brave Choralosophers gathered in Atlanta back when NO ONE was doing in person conventions to have a mini choral summit. One of those sessions was led by Emmy Burch and myself about the things that spark us to create, and the fears that hold us back from creating them. At the time this conversation occurred, we were all afraid of what was to come. I find this to be a fascinating time capsule to a time a little over two years ago, in which many of us had nothing else to do other than dream.

You will hear thoughts about the gaps we have between our abundance of choral instructors, and the much needed “choral entrepreneur,” that I think is so crucial to the future of our profession. We will also hear from session attendees about their ideas and fears. Tune in!

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Pandemic Coverage on Choralosophy

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