Episode 145: Teaching Skills, Not Facts with Melanie Trecek-King

This week, I am excited to have Melanie Trecek-King as our guest. Melanie is a science educator who specializes in teaching science to non-science majors. In addition to her expertise in the field of science, Melanie is passionate about helping individuals improve their thought processes and metacognition. She is making major waves online with her highly recommended websites ThinkingIsPower.com and the Mental Immunity Project.

Today’s episode will explore the value of improving one’s own thought processes and metacognition. We will dive deep into the concepts of metacognition, critical thinking, and the power of self-reflection. Melanie will share her insights and experiences as an educator, and provide practical advice and strategies that can be applied to any discipline or profession.

Whether you’re a musician, teacher, student, or simply someone who wants to improve their cognitive abilities, this episode is for you. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to explore the fascinating world of metacognition with our guest, Melanie Trecek-King.


Melanie Trecek-King is the creator of Thinking Is Power, an online resource that provides critical thinking education to the general public. She is currently an Associate Professor of Biology at Massasoit Community College, where she teaches a general-education science course designed to equip students with empowering critical thinking, information literacy, and science literacy skills. An active speaker and consultant, Trecek-King loves to share her “teach skills, not facts” approach with other science educators, and help schools and organizations meet their goals through better thinking. Trecek-King is also the Education Director for the Mental Immunity Project and CIRCE (Cognitive Immunology Research Collaborative), which aim to advance and apply the science of mental immunity to inoculate minds against misinformation.

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