Episode 29: Part 2 of “Choral Music: A HUMAN art Form” with Maria Ellis

“Carving out a place for a Girl Conductor.”

Episode 29: Part 2

In this episode Maria Ellis and I discuss the practical aspects of recruiting across cultural lines for our choirs through the telling of her own story. Maria grew up not knowing that a career as a conductor was possible for her, but through a big dream and a big change of life direction, she began her music degree after 12 years in the business world. Now doing what she loves, she reflects back on the journey and offers us great advice in helping to make sure our students never grow up seeing themselves as limited.

Maria Ellis

Maria in her own words, “

Music Educator, Choral Conductor,  with over 20 years of choral music experience.  I have been called a Master Educator and a Force of Nature by Dr. Jim Henry, University of Missouri- St. Louis.  I hold a B.M. in Music Education emphasis on Voice (K-12 Certified) Degree from the University of Missouri- St. Louis. 

  I have served as the Arts and Administrative Fellow for The St. Louis Symphony and I currently serve as the Community Engagement Manager for The St. Louis Children’s Choirs.  I am the Founding Conductor of The Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries’ newly formed City of Music All-Star Chorus. 


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