Episode 29: Part 1 of “Choral Music: A HUMAN art Form”

“Why does representation in Choral music MATTER?”

Part 1 of Choral Music: a Human Art Form
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Stay tuned throughout February for my first ever Podcast mini series! Choral Music: A Human Art Form

Part 1: Why does representation in Choral Music matter?
In this first installment, I address the question “Why Does Representation in Classical Music matter?” (or choral music) My answer to this question, and subsequent defense of that answer got me kicked off of a Facebook page. So in this episode, I tell that story. It’s a doozy. My answer was, “Representation matters because music is for ALL. From all to all. It can and should transcend innate characteristics.” It turns out this put me at odds with the moderator who had a “music is not universal” perspective which I have noticed has become more prevalent in the last five years or so. I have a lot problems with this trend though I see it as well-meaning one.

So, I decided to line up a series of episodes and guests during Black History Month in order to advance the conversations around representation, equity, equality and inclusion of ALL in the most HUMAN of all art forms: Choral Music.

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