Episode 155: What I Wish I Knew As A Young Conductor with John C. Hughes

In this week’s episode I welcome John Hughes to discuss the things we wish we had known when we were starting out as teachers and conductors. We discuss the cynicism that develops over the years in many of us, as well as the loss of “awe” when hearing choral music and how to get it back! In one part of the conversation we discuss the importance of separating achievement from self-worth as well as the problem with expecting ourselves and our singers to be perfect. We even get into the practical side, regarding rehearsal planning, and other self management strategies.

“I would offer my younger self—full of ambition,
hungry for success and respect, and willing to work hard—
these gentle words and encourage him to take a breath or
two. The “no excuses” approach may be effective, but it
may end up making you miserable inside.” From the Preface of “Letters to a Young Conductor” by John C. Hughes

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