Episode 137: Literacy is Equity Live from CMEA

This presentation is the second part, or “why” sequel to Episode 135. In that episode, I lay out processes and procedures to build independent literacy skills in a beginning choir. In this presentation, I expanded into the moral and scientific case for centering literacy in our curricula, as well as support for my contention that there are neurologically correct and incorrect ways to teach the reading of ANY language.

Music is a language, just like any other in a really important sense. “Music reading is a
complex process involving at least two distinct skills: the reading skill and the mechanical skill (Wolf 1976). From a cognitive perspective, music reading requires several simultaneous processes including coding of visual information, motor responses and visual-motor integration.” -Gudmunsdottir, 2010

Fluent Music Literacy is VERY rare in education in the Western World. I believe this has two main causes. Many vocal and general music teachers don’t believe that it is a crucial part of the curriculum. Many who DO see it as crucial are not empowered with the best possible systems, processes and skills. Video Recommended! The slides are available on Patreon.

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