Episode 135: The A Cappella Rehearsal Live at CMEA

Last week I had the incredible honor to headline at CMEA in Colorado Springs. I was able to introduce the A Cappella rehearsal (no piano played while singing, and without hearing the piece first.) This is the first part of my concept that I proposed for my rejected National ACDA session. So I did it here, and want to share it with you all! I had a blast giving this presentation and met an audience brimming with questions. You will see the beginning of the 9th grade year to the end, and then a fast forward to the first day of school in an advanced choir. I will take you through the concepts, the step by step process and what to watch for when implementing this type of literacy system. I hope you find it helpful, or at least thought provoking. As always, you may need to tweak these ideas to make them work for you! Don’t forget to head over to Choralosophers FB page to discuss!

The FIRST OF TWO parts! YouTube version highly recommended!

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