Episode 92: Live at Missouri Music Educators

LIVE conventions are back! I am so excited, because this online thing does not do it for me. So, I was itching to talk to people! So, I traveled with a portable kit to get the opinions and stories of people at the the convention. It was great to talk to college professors, band directors, and choir directors on the convention floor!

Episode 92
  • How do you decide if you were a good teacher?
  • Has the pandemic changed your goals?
  • How do you start class?
  • How is your class structured?
  • and more!

Special thanks to all of the guests! Kurtis Heinrich, Kimbery Guilford, Caleb Zustiak, Ian Colemen, Christopher Boemler, Skip Vandelicht, David Schatz, Tom Higgins and Jane Hicklin.

Live at MMEA!
YouTube Version!

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