Episode 58: Telling the Story of American Choral Singing

With Dr. Jerry Blackstone, Matthew Workman and Brian Gaukel

Have you heard about this yet?! What an exciting project this is. My three guests for this episode have teamed up to create a monumental expression of what choral singing means to us here in the United States. “CHORAL SINGING IN AMERICA: NURTURING THE AMERICAN SOUL.”

So Jerry, Matt, Brian and I hooked up to discuss the behind the scenes scoop on how how this project came together and where it’s headed. You will definitely want to hear this story and continue to follow it closely over the next year. I believe the end result will be something we can all be proud of.

Episode 58

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Brian Gaukel, Filmmaker

Jerry Blackstone, Artistic Director

Matthew Workman, Executive Producer


This documentary series gives voice to choral singing in America, the roots from which it grew, and what so many have felt for generations: in times of division and challenge, joy and sadness, heartache and ecstasy, life is better when we sing and even better when we sing together.

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