Car Thoughts: I Think We Dis the Super Bowl Music Because We’re Jealous

I said what I said.

The hot topic this week has been choir snobbery online in regards to pop music, or commercial music. I think this is an important topic, but as always, I have my own little angle that might be different than most. It could be that telling people what they must support can be just as elitist as not supporting things. I will call it “Preference Policing.” So, where is the line?

  • Can we express our likes and dislikes just like other consumers of music?
  • Or do we, as music educators need to vocally “cheerlead” all music?
  • Is the tendency for vocalists to nitpick the techniques or “validity” of pop singers a sign of our corruptly elitist view of singing?

Maybe. But it could also be that we’re just jealous…

Car Thoughts

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