Bonus Episode: Plans for a Hybrid Rehearsal Structure

How can we streamline the rehearsal process to make the most of student contact time?

If you are like me, you have seen a TON of ideas for online activities to keep our choirs engaged. And that’s wonderful! We need as many tools in our belt as we can get. However, what about the times when we may encounter a “hybrid model,” where contact time to sing together in person is allowed, but drastically limited? How then, do we prioritize our time?

Sadly, I cannot offer this short episode as “tried and true tips” for obvious reasons. It is very likely that this will be the situation for myself and many others soon. So instead, I will be hopefully offering some helpful ideas that I THINK will work nicely all things considered. We will focus on some time saving strategies that can maximize our precious minutes with the students.

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  • If it can go online, get it online (music theory, individual sight reading, listening activities and analysis, maybe even some rehearsal elements)
  • Sight reading instruction is more important now than ever. It will speed up your rehearsals.
  • Adjustments of repertoire to fit the time demands. What priorities rise to the top?
  • Hybrid performance ideas?
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Below you can find links to the other Choralosophy Resources mentioned in this episodes designed to SPEED UP your rehearsals and empower singers.

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