The goal

After twenty years as a part-time church music director–I haven’t had free Sundays since I was 19. Crap. I just gave away my age–I’ve decided to funnel that energy into something new: nerding out about choral music, talking with my colleagues about it, learning new things, exploring ed psych and teaching methods, vocal ped, acoustical science, linguistics, music history and much more! Planning to launch content on Feb 21st. In the meantime, follow the Podcast in any or all of the places (Twitter, FB, Insta and the link below) so you will get updates and a reminder of when episodes are coming online. Eek! 

Episode 1: Health, Happiness and Balance for the Choral Director

Episode 2: Being an Advocate for Music Education

Episode 3: Is Conducting gesture really that important?!

Episode 4: Elevating the Individual in your SEA of faces.

Bonus Episode: Vocal Pedagogy for the Choral Rehearsal (with Panel of experts. Will take a bit longer to prepare. Stay tuned!)

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