Episode 95: Your School’s PD is Not Evidence Based with Dr. Kristina Mitchell

Teachers, this is the episode you want to send to your admin! “Hi, Dr. Principal. I listened do an expert on a podcast that says our new district educational model is not backed by evidence.” I’m sure they will be very excited…

Kristina Mitchell

Dr. Kristina Mitchell is an education researcher who specializes in instructional methodology. She also enjoys challenging the assumptions that many educators and school districts make when it comes to instructional scripture like “Learning Objectives,” and “Learning Styles.” (Both are steeped in mythology!) We get into the weeds of why providing robust evidence for these “Edu-Fads” is nearly impossible. Then we branch into the more general evidence problem in certain types of science, including masking science related to Covid. Somehow we end up on Critical Race Theory…

Episode 95

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Kristina Mitchell is an Instructor of Political Science at Texas Tech University.  She received her B.A. from the University of North Texas (2006), her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas (2010; 2012).  Her research interests include gender and diversity, pedagogical technique, best practices in higher education, and issues in international relations.  Her research has appeared in the Journal of World Trade, PS: Political Science & Politics, and the Journal of Political Science Education.  She teaches undergraduate courses in research methods, game theory, public policy, international relations, and international political economy.


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