Ask Me Literally ANYTHING! Vol. 1

Brought to you by members of my Patreon, who have collaborated with me to create this episode. This is the first time I have done a MULTI topic show. I think you will enjoy it!

Topics in this short episode include:

  • How are you navigating the return to “normal” activities?
  • Do you get flack for not following the zeitgeist in a very liberal profession like choral music? (Spoiler alert: yes! A lot, but only from people who don’t listen to the show.)
  • If someone gave you a lot of money, would you quit your school and turn your pro choir full-time?
  • During the years of building your program to be musically literate, how did you keep students motivated to work on sight-reading?
  • How do you teach rhythm, particularly syncopated rhythms?
  • Do you have any suggestions for recruiting male voices, specifically high school age, to the choir program? How do we change the attitude that singing is for girls or that it’s “not manly?”
Ask Me Literally ANYTHING

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