Episode 5: What I Suck At

Or, What At Which I Suck

In this episode I share a small part of my “suck list” as well as my “not suck” list to demonstrate the healthy balance we all must have between acknowledging our struggles and giving ourselves credit where credit is due. I will also offer a short reflection on the National ACDA Convention including WHY I MISSED THE AEOLIANS concert at Helzberg Hall and the inspiration of Eph Ehly’s session at the Folly Theater, “What’s Really Important.” Finally, I will be responding to some Choralosopher responses from our Facebook page. Several listeners responded with one item from their “suck” and “not suck” lists.

Chris Munce
Episode 5
  • I am horribly messy and unorganized.
  • If it is not written into my calendar, I forget it and even that is no guarantee…
  • In the classroom, I am not good at sticking to a plan, so I don’t even make one.
  • Musically, I have a MUCH better ear for pitch than I do for rhythm, so often times I struggle to hear the trickier patterns in my head. This also causes my to avoid music with those challenges…
  • Keyboard skills are not where I want them to be.
  • I am not good at reading people’s body language and recognizing their emotional needs.
  • I am not a good listener. Working on it… Way better than I used to be….

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