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Choralosophy Podcast with Chris Munce

It’s time! I have been burning the candle at both ends to get this first batch of episodes ready for you! I hope you listen, enjoy, subscribe, and come back for more! I know I said Feb. 21st… but then a crap-ton of snow days happened, and Jack’s a Donut, here we are. Ready to go! Find the show here or on your favorite Podcast Platform! 

Episode 1: Health, Happiness and Balance with Beth Munce. At times, we as working professionals, struggle to maintain our health and balance. As a result, our happiness suffers. In this episode, I will share my thoughts on this as well as get a reality check from my wife, Beth on whether or not I am “balanced.”

Beth Munce

Episode 2: Part 1. Advocating for our Art with Elise Hepworth. How do we “sell” our profession? How do we tell the story of what we do to people that don’t understand? We all know our “why,” now let’s share it with the world! In this episode I will discuss Music Education Advocacy with Dr. Elise Hepworth.

Elise Hepworth

Episode 2: Part 2. Advocating for our Art with Dale Trumbore. In the second part of this episode, I chat with Composer Dale Trumbore about “telling our story” as performers and composers in an authentic and vulnerable way.

Dale Trumbore

Episode 3: What’s in a Gesture? with Bradley Ellingboe. In this episode, I sit down with noted conductor and composer, Bradley Ellingboe to discuss what attributes makes a great conductor.

Bradley Ellinbgoe

Episode 4: Part 1. Seeing the Trees (There is no forest…) with Stephen Rew. In this episode I make the shocking claim that there is no such thing as a choir. Then, I bring on Stephen Rew for a discussion about connecting with students on an individual level.

Stephen Rew

Episode 4: Part 2. Seeing the Trees (There is no forest…) with Anthony J. Maglione. In the second part of this episode, I look to Anthony Maglione for insight into this topic from the collegiate perspective.

Anthony J. Maglione

Stay tuned for future episodes every 2-weeks. Next one: POST ACDA wrap-up and recap. March 15th.

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