Thoughts on What ‘Elitism” Means in Choral Music

Many people use the term “elitist” to describe aspects of choral music.

The problem, as I see it is that this term means different things to different people. So in this short verbal essay, I reflect on the need to be specific when we criticize. I also discuss some places that I see Elitism in choral music. From the teacher training programs to the trenches of the profession, as well as in conversations on what it means to be a “great” choir. Should we avoid language that seeks to elevate some choral ensembles as “great” and risk creating an elitist culture? Or, is such a hierarchy a necessary outgrowth of working toward performance art related goals? *audio on this episode is not normal. I am traveling!

A Car-less episode of Car Thoughts!

Some possible areas that draw this type of critique:

  • The concept of “what it means to be a good choir.”
  • How much focus gets placed on musical elements being “perfect.”
  • How does Academia contribute to elitism in the training of teachers?
  • Are there aspects of teaching “in the trenches” that are hard to see until you’re there? is the best literacy tool on the market today. Enter Choralosophy at checkout to get 10% off memberships for you AND your students!

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